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A new look for beloved floors A new look for beloved floors

A wood floor is a living piece of art that you can transform to suit your personal style. BONA REVIVE RESTORE REFINISH™ your wood floor to change the impression of an entire room.

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Revive, Restore or Refinish My Floors

A floor's finish will go through normal wear and tear over the years and needs attention. Reviving, restoring and refinishing your floors are great ways to increase the longevity of your floors and protect your investment. This is an effective way to go beyond regular cleaning.

Jennifer’s Experience

Chicago homeowner, Jennifer Rizzo, used a Bona Certified Craftsman to refinish her floors with Bona’s dust free sanding techniques, low VOC waterborne finishes and beautiful custom-mixed stains. Hear about her experience with our Bona Certified Craftsman.

Eco Friendly Floor Finish

Better for the air, for my family, my animals, my house and of course my floors. I was ready and prepared for a major dust covering! I had large plastic sheets blocking off the upstairs, I had scheduled my cleaning lady for a full wipe down, only to realize that there was hardly any dust at all! I was shocked. I had to cancel the cleaning.

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A Bona Certified Craftsmen Can Help

Maintaining your hardwood floors doesn't need to be impossible. As long as you are keeping up with the regular maintenance of your floors, they will last a lifetime. Hardwood floor care procedures like reviving, restoring or refinishing your floors can be handled easily with a professional contractor.

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