New Looks for beloved floors


Crafted from trends in fashion, color, home décor and architecture, this collection of five gorgeous, customized color style options offers a comprehensive range of stains and finishes to create stunningly beautiful floors.

Nordic Shimmer

natural. soft. comfortable.

Simply Beautiful

Get cozy with these beautiful soft, muted tones that bring an organic look to floors. Drawing on pure, natural elements inherent in the Nordic regions, this collection offers shades of white, grey, taupe and blue that mimic quiet lakes, misty mornings and comforting simple moments.

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This design aesthetic is perfect for a family great room or child’s nursery. The functionality of lighter tones pair beautifully for spaces in where you gather or rest. Connect the floor shades with other soft textures like linen bed sheets, sheer curtains or furniture with simple, clean lines. Add a pop of color with a soft blue, misty grey or beige.

Garden Atmosphere

earthy. floral. soulful.

Live in Color

Tap into the pulse of Mother Nature with these warm, grounding, earthy floor tones. With shades of cocoa, terra cotta, bronze and buff, Garden Atmosphere brings a soulful, lush feel to any room.

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Bring Garden Atmosphere into the kitchen, living room or craft nook to create a warm, wild feel. The deep, shades of brick and adobe are perfect for a room with natural ample natural light. Consider bringing live plants and raw wood elements into the room or complement the floors with other rich fabric tones like violet, emerald or dark cherry.

Malibu Dreams

coastal. bright. rustic.

Coastal Comfort

Surrender to the relaxing and welcoming feel of seaside warmth. Malibu Dreams breathes inspiration from the sand, salt and sea with free-spirited floor tones that draw on rustic, natural elements.

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Let Malibu Dreams wash over your entire home or maybe just one room. These shades bring a spacious feel to even small spaces and can lighten areas with minimal natural light. Mix in a soft turquoise, silky fabric or sharp coral red accent paint to bring even more brightness to the room.

Touch of Grace

elegant. classic. timeless.

Classic Elegance

Connect with timeless, historic and vintage elements with Touch of Grace. These floor tones draw from classic hues of mahogany, pewter and antique brown to create a personal, multifaceted style.

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Celebrate this classic collection in a home library, sitting room or maybe the main living space. Touch of Grace offers tones that transcend time – consider mixing different eras and expressions. Add an antique chair upholstered with a soft pink fabric or add some cool, metallic accents to the room.

New Modern

contemporary. vivid. luxurious.

Urban Luxury

Find your self-expression with this collection of rich, vivid and complex tones. New Modern is where edgy an elegant meet contemporary living with a wide swath of colors from white to walnut to charcoal.

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The New Modern collection fits perfectly for small spaces, like a foyer or small study, or could live beautifully in a large dining room. Layer the room with dramatic textures like velvet, glass or shiny metal or stone along with colors of rich gray, classic blue or green and dark plum.

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The Nordic Shimmer collection with soft, organic, natural tones, to New Modern Collection that embodies sleek, sophisticated shades, three curations that make anything possible