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Why Bona Cleaner Is the Best

Bona dedicates more resources, both in facilities and expert personnel, to the research and development of wood coatings than any other company in the world. Learn why you can trust Bona Cleaner to take care of your hardwood floors.
Why Bona Cleaner Is the Best

Since 1919, Bona hardwood floor finishing and floor care processes have been relied on for the most beautiful and durable results. Bona dedicates more resources, both in facilities and expert personnel, to the research and development of wood coatings than any other company in the world. We develop and manufacture the proprietary polymers and key ingredients used in our products. This unique position as owners of these technologies enables us to maintain the highest level of quality and bring exciting innovations to the marketplace. 

Each raw material undergoes a series of tests to ensure that it meets stringent specification prior to use in producing final products. Our rigorous world class quality control measures ensure only the highest quality in our specially formulated and designed products used to protect your hardwood floors. 

From our inbound raw material and preproduction verification; to in-line checks and final package inspection; all our processes have strict quality criteria that must be met prior to any product leaving Bona for the marketplace. This process ensures that our products are consistent and perform at the highest level.    

So, why is Bona cleaner the best? Let’s count the reasons…

1. It works! Efficacy is the number one priority to us in the creation of our cleaner. Therefore, we are continuously testing our cleaner against the competition to ensure its quality in the vast cleaning market.

2. Proven: Bona products are established and proven. They are used on famous floors worldwide, such as Nike Headquarters and NBA and NCAA arenas. Manufactured specifically for the hardwood floor professional and developed to the highest standards. Because we know the ingredients used in our professional finish products, our cleaners are designed so they are formulated exactly for those types of protective surfaces.

3. Safe: Bona cleaners are safe for your floors and family and we can prove it through our GREENGUARD Children & Schools Program Certification. This is much more rigorous than other tests, as it is 100 times more difficult to qualify for the C&S certification. Plus, Bona cleaners are non-toxic and pH neutral. Click here to read more about this certification and what it means to you.

4. Residue-free: Residue and streaks usually come from a combination of possible residue in the cleaner and existing dirt on your floor.  Many cleaners on the market can be used on multiple surfaces and claim they are safe for wood; however, hardwood is a sensitive surface and needs to be treated with care. Bona cleaner is formulated specifically for hardwood floors and leaves no residue and our tools lift dirt off and away from the floor. This combination is unbeatable.  In fact, try spraying our cleaner on glass. It will leave it squeaky clean with no streaks!

5. Created by experts: Our formulas are created by a team of highly trained top experts in the industry. Our Director of Operations & Innovation proudly holds a degree in Wood Science and Technology and a Masters in Wood Chemistry and is supported by our Global Research and Development Team, dedicated to bringing out the best in hardwood floors.

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