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Hardwood Floors

Site-Finished vs. Pre-Finished

Site-Finished vs. Pre-Finished


When making a decision about hardwood floors, the choice between pre-finished vs. site finished (unfinished) hardwood is another important consideration that will impact the final decision. To make the best choice for your situation, consider these differences between site finished and pre-finished hardwood floors.


Site-finished hardwood is generally more expensive than pre-finished hardwood with added on-site labor.



Site finished hardwood provides more options and colors. With site finished hardwood floors you have more creative decorative options. Site finished wood floors can have a more uniform look.

Pre-finished hardwood is limited to manufacturer’s selections. It can be difficult to match existing wood in your home or make repairs if the same product is no longer available.



Site-finished hardwood requires a more involved installation process. Additional wait time is needed to allow for site finished hardwood to fully cure. There is also greater exposure to dust and chemicals during installation.

Installation of pre-finished hardwood flooring is quicker than site-finished wood floors. You can walk on your floors immediately when you install pre-finished hardwood.



Site finished hardwood floors won’t have micro-bevels that can attract dirt and dust.

Since pre-finished hardwood floors are made with a bevel, the areas they create can attract more debris.

Both floor types have their advantages. With the current technology, both types of hardwood floors will be able to give you a beautiful look to your home. Check with a hardwood floor professional to find the perfect floor that fits your needs and budget.

If you are interested in pursuing hardwood floors for home or business, contact a Bona Certified Craftsman to explore your options. A Bona Certified Craftsman is a professional contractor specially trained in the Bona Floor Care System and can provide you with a wealth of experience and expertise concerning hardwood floors.

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