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Going Green

Healthy Living

A few smart choices can have tremendous effects
Healthy Living

Aside of the bonus calorie burn, having a clean home has many psychological benefits:


Reduces stress. Coming home to a cluttered space may make you feel less in control and overwhelmed. Remember that your home is your space to relax and rest your body and mind. With a clean and organized home, you have more time to focus on other things.

Increases productivity. Being able to find things quickly can help make it easier to get to work on time and keep other appointments. Also, it’s easier to focus your brain when you have less visible clutter to distract you.

Increases confidence. Starting and completing tasks and chores around the house gives a sense of accomplishment. When you regularly maintain your home, you can feel better about yourself and the control you have in your life.

Makes you more social. Having a messy home can make you feel self-conscious or ashamed about having people over. If you live with other people, a messy house can also cause tension in relationships. Having a clean home can make you more hospitable and ready for great times with friends!

Here are some things to remember if you want to live a healthier lifestyle:


Cook more. Have more control of what’s going into your body by cooking from scratch. While it might be difficult to cook every day, try setting aside one day to prep meals for the entire week.

Eat breakfast. Starting your day with breakfast helps jumpstart your metabolism and helps avoid binging on snacks before lunch. You will be more alert and attentive throughout the day as well.

Drink more water. The human body cannot survive without water. Water helps regulate body temperature and transports nutrients throughout your body, gets rid of waste and helps keep your skin hydrated.

Get more sleep. Your body uses sleep to repair and restore itself for another day. Try to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

Add strength training. Don’t just do cardio. Strength training helps prevent injury and can be done without weights. Body weight exercises can be better than weights and are free!

TV workout. If you like to watch TV, don’t just veg out. Use the time to stay active. Walking on treadmill or other simple exercises can be done to make TV time a better benefit.

Clean more. Daily chores help add to the amount of calories you burn in a day.



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