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Fall For These Cleaning Tips

Fall For These Cleaning Tips

As the temperature starts to drop and hot summer days are decreasing, it’s time to think about getting your home ready for the cold weather months. Bona has all the solutions you need to keep your floors clean and healthy when it's time to close up the windows.

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Even though fall cleaning doesn’t get as much attention and fanfare as spring cleaning, it plays an important part in having a comfortable winter and holiday season. If spring cleaning is all about airing out your house and letting in all that fresh air, fall cleaning is all about winterizing your home to keep in all that warm air.

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Fall Cleaning Checklist
Things To Think About...
A New Look For Beloved Floors

Wood And Vinegar/Water Don’t Mix

Vinegar is an acid that can dull your floor’s finish over time, so stick with a formula for hardwood.

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