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Bona DriFast Stains

Wood floors are beautiful. Give them a look that’s truly yours with Bona DriFast Stains.
Bona DriFast Stains

We love hardwood flooring for the beauty of its unique characteristics; the patterns in the wood grain and the natural color of the wood make a subtle statement about the look and feel of your home. While these characteristics make for original floors with many happy homeowners, staining your hardwood floor can add another dimension to the overall look of your floors.

It’s important to remember that wood stains are different from wood finishes. Hardwood floor stains alter the color of the natural wood while adding additional highlights to the wood grain patterns in your floor. After a floor is properly stained, it will need a protective top coat to seal and protect the floor from daily life—this is where a wood finish is used.

Bona’s Drifast Stain Collection offers a range of color options that you can use alone or with a combination of stains to create your own custom look. Check out some of the benefits the Bona Drifast Stain Collection:

  • 2-hour dry time for most colors
  • Penetrates, stains and seals bare wood
  • Low odor
  • Easy touch-ups

Learn more about the Bona Drifast Stain Collection and connect with Bona Certified Craftsmen and see how you can get even more out of your beautiful floors.

Your eyes will sparkle as brightly as your floors.

We offer you our latest choices for inspiration. Four inspiring Collections with 26 colors that capture the invigorating spirit of great design.

Depend on Bona. A passion for wood floors.

Discover the Drifast Difference

Finding just the right stain for your hardwood floors is more than picking a pretty color. You are, after all, creating a home that nurtures your family. Where you will laugh, cry and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Learn more about your color options with the Bona Drifast Stain Collection.

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Bona DriFast Stain Collections

Find just the right stain for your hardwood floors with our four inspiring collections that capture the invigorating spirit of great design.

Trust A Bona Certified Craftsman

A Bona Certified Craftsman is a hand-picked, proven, top level professionals, trained and certified by Bona to use the complete Bona System® on your hardwood floors.

Devoted to Bona product systems; they voluntarily undergo continued Bona training to keep up-to-date on the industry’s “best practices” and are rigorously tested by Bona to ensure the most beautiful and durable results possible for your hardwood floors.

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A New Look For Beloved Floors

A wood floor is a living piece of art that you can transform to suit your personal style. REVIVE, RESTORE or REFINISH™ your wood floor to changethe impression of an entire room.

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